Hi! I'm Dan Gartman, an artist, Illustrator and game developer based in Calgary, Canada.  I love my job a lot that helps me produce timeless, original and modern illustrations. I try to achieve a fresh unique appearance any project I do. This way makes me happy and proud of myself. 

Unique Style

I draw on my own visual style and art direction for web sites, products and print production.    

Visual Identity 

I create new individual styles of graphic for specific product or company based on branding. 

Game Art

I produce assets (including: concept art, backgrounds, objects, characters, ) based on my gamedev experience

Character Design

I create character design any complicity for animation, brands, mascots, etc. 


Rainforest Alliance, Oxford University Press, Snapchat, Walmart, Atlassian, Embark, Wag&Love, Belnet, Nokia, MyTaxi, Lix, Practice Link, Google, Bugsplat, Codio, Compose, Postly, Swisscom

Artistic way

I mix craft, handmade techniques with digital art. Working with: ink graphic, digital art, papercraft, tattoo and different mixed mediums. I like sketches more than final picture, real craft more than digital, classic frame by frame more than 90fps. 


I'm a big fan of tabletop RPG's, rats, tattoos, Jim Jarmusch films, videogames, traditional animation, home sound production, mountains and pencil's taste. 

Follow my Instagram 

My life is full of artistic and intelligence work. Sometimes I share it in social media. Instagram would be the best option to check out my current project, process, news  or contact me informal way. 

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