"TOHU - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch "

Role: World creator, Concept artist, 2d artist, Additional Game designer,  Additional Animator 

Genre: Point&Click, Adventure, Puzzle 
Developer: Fireart Studio   

Available on :  STEAM    Nintendo   PS Store


"TOHU - Animated Trailer | PS4"

All the sketches, concept art an process you can find in Digital TOHU Artbook DLC
Steam Artbook DLC

Under What?

Role: Owner, Artist, Developer

Genre: Visual Novel, Digital Comic   

“Under what?” is a short but very capacious story-tale about an old fisherman who suddenly faced the surface of the water. 

Play for Free:  STEAM    Itch

Spirit Roots

Role: Concept artist, 2d artist
Genre: Action, Platformer, Adventure, Indie 
Developer: Fireart Studio

Spirit Roots is a visually-charged traditional 2D platformer where you run, jump, fight, evade traps, collect coins, and beat bosses spanned over five worlds with a total 50 levels.

Available on:   AppStore    STEAM  

Batlight Demo

Role: Game designer, Developer, Artist
Genre: Action, Runner, Platformer, Indie, Mini game 
Project details:

Batlight is a platform-runner game that will make you die again and again.

Play for Free:  Itch 

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